Hello World!

I’ve had a rebirth.

It wasn’t messy. I’ve just realised that I actually miss blogging. I had a Blog (with a capital B) once that had a few readers and was connected to a bigger blogger filled world. I enjoyed it at it’s peak and it served me well as an outlet while being confined to domestic life with a young child. Over the last four years, significant gaps in writing meant that I outgrew the blog. I evolved, I aged but the blog seemed to be frozen in time. I tried several times to pick it back up again but it never felt quite right. I wasn’t proud of the blog, it was just a reminder of another time  in my life and the person who wrote posts, well, I didn’t recognise her anymore.

The old blog in case you are curious can be found at http://omammy.blogspot.co.uk/

A few significant things happened during the writing of that blog that made it difficult to pick it back up again. My eldest child, of whom I had written many posts about, gained an online presence. This meant that I wanted to be careful about what he was exposed to and I wanted to respect his privacy. Most of the posts about him are still live as I was often writing about his autism and connecting with other people out there who were experiencing life in a similar manner to us.  He is growing into a fine young man and again, he has aged and outgrown various development phases as children do so he may not recognise himself in the posts. If he asked me to take them down I would. Another event was that a year or so after the birth of my second child I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. It seemed ridiculous that such a long time after giving birth, I should be diagnosed with that but according to the GP, there is no such thing as post-PND or toddler depression. I blogged about it a few times but more often than not during the dark days, didn’t speak about it or write about it. On reflection, this was the main reason for the long gaps between posts. I do feel though, looking back on some of the posts that I had written, that they were coloured with how I saw the world at that time and it was another reason that I felt disconnected to the blog as a whole.

I’m different now. This blog will be different.

Read it or don’t. I’m not bothered but I need somewhere to record things again and yes, record it publicly. I do this in the hope that a few people will read my posts agree, discuss, disagree or simply confirm that I’m not the only nutter out there with a head full of nonsense. My main hope is that by sharing my interests, people will share theirs and so enrich my life, my existence.

We are enriched by our reciprocate differences.

-Paul Valéry, a French poet and Essayist.

My interests are pretty wide ranging, eclectic, shall we say. I love music, photography, kids, ale, food, literature, history, philosophy, cartoons and so that will fill the content of this blog, my blog.



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