Why blog? Who cares?

While I’ve always liked writing, I’ve always felt tortured over blogging. Mainly I would ponder its uses, its purposes and what people think of it and truthfully, what people thought of me and my motivations for doing it. I would get carried away blogging,  write a load of posts and then suddenly feel self-conscious about what I had posted and whether or not it would be perceived as attention seeking. I always felt like I had to justify my existence online and I guess it’s something introverts struggle with who do things like this which are out of character. I’ve always been better on paper than face to face so it felt like a more comfortable medium for me to communicate through.


A new study shows that humans have a strong tendency to affiliate with other people, especially in emotional situations and this provides an explanation for the basic human motivation to affiliate with others, particularly in emotional situations. The study demonstrates how sharing exposure to emotional stimuli with a friend buffers the impact of negative stimuli and enhances the impact of positive stimuli.

So while I may be sharing something mundane like a recipe and not recounting significant trauma, it is still this need for sharing that drives people to write blogs and mainly why I write. Whether it is on the level of sharing experiences or even just a love of aubergine based meals, it all counts. It all matters because someone out there cares.


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