ὦ μάμμη (Oh Mammy) is the pen name/alter-ego of a young(ish) woman who lives in Edinburgh. A former Jack-of-all-Trades and Master-of-None, she spends most of her time juggling work, her two lovely children (A and B), her long suffering partner in crime (Oh Daddy) and her life. She often over-shares and is a right grumpy git sometimes. She has a penchant for referring to herself in the third person and currently has far too much time on her hands.  She likes to blog about living in Edinburgh, her interests (photography, Classics and music to name but a few), her crummy parenting skills, about eating and making food and just about anything that she is under the impression that you might find interesting. ὦ μάμμη from the Ancient Greek translates as child’s attempt to articulate its mothers name “Mamma or Mammy”. Read on as she tries to articulate who she is and her life as a parent living in Scotland’s capital.


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